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About Me

I live and breathe words with passion, finding freedom and spirit in telling stories and documenting experiences through various avenues, including fiction, poetry, and visual art, several of which have been published in literary magazines and journals. I also write book reviews of new and upcoming releases on my blog.

In the professional sphere, my aim is to bring fresh, intersectional perspectives and efficiency to each of my projects and build a relationship with every client that promotes two-way understanding and success. As such, I now balance my time between being a full-time editor and part-time freelancer. Please get in touch for details about the services I offer.

Any donations I get as well as profits I make through freelance projects go towards community relief and animal welfare. Please consider contributing an amount of your choice to support my work.




Editing & Proofreading Services

for a polished and cohesive document that will stand out for the quality of writing and presentation,
not for vagueness, typos, or grammatical mistakes.


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