Content Writing


Why should you hire me to write content?

I have over four years of experience in marketing and content creation for various brands in the areas of education, e-commerce, FMCG, real estate, technology, and more. Before beginning any writing work, my goal is to get a thorough understanding of your brief, the target audience, the core of your offering, and your objectives.

What does this mean?

Hire me if you want someone who is versatile and can adapt to any topic and tone to provide content that conveys your message in a clear and impactful manner.

Browse through my samples to check out the quality of work for yourself!

Top-quality content at the most affordable rates.

Choose a Package:

  • One web page or up to 500 words of content: $10

  • Three web pages or up to 1500 words of content: $25

  • Five web pages or up to 2500 words of content: $40

[Turnaround times range from two to ten days]

Send me a message now to discuss your requirements!

Developmental Editing


Why should you hire me to edit your work?

I am a writer too, so I know the kind of effort and time that goes into any piece of creative work. I also know what it's like to be on the receiving end of an editing process and how it can sometimes be overwhelming or daunting to get corrections and feedback—I will do my best to make the process as easygoing as possible, treating your writing with care and a great deal of excitement. 

As an experienced editor and former teaching assistant for The Writer's Studio program, SFU, I can provide developmental feedback and line edits to help you bring out your strengths, address any plot issues or areas of improvement, and turn any draft into a polished manuscript.

This service will particularly be useful for writers who want to self-publish or begin querying agents/publishers.

What do you get?

If you have a piece of fiction, poetry, or creative non-fiction, I will help you polish up that draft to make it error-free as well as more engaging and cohesive.

  • All the grammatical errors will be corrected.

  • The text will be checked for consistency in language, tone, style, and flow. 

  • The language and flow will be enhanced without affecting your style of writing.

  • Notes will be provided in case there are any loopholes, weak developmental aspects, issues with the overall structure or pace, or any other areas of improvement. 

  • All edits and suggestions will be done using the Track Changes and Comment features in MS Word.

You will also find comments against the parts that bring out your strengths, whether that's description, dialogue, scene progression, character trait, world building, or any other aspect that stands out!


$15 per 1000 words for the first round of editing.

$10 per 1000 words for a second round of editing of the same document.

This service is currently unavailable.

Please check back again later or send a query.

Custom Services


Book me for the day!

Need a virtual assistant for a day? Have a big project coming up with no one to delegate work to?

No matter what your reason, you have the option of booking my services for an entire day⁠—that's a total of eight hours cleared up to focus on your brand, your voice, your requirements.

What I can write for you:

  • Articles and blog posts

  • Website content

  • Presentation content

  • Personal emails

  • Internal communications

What I can edit for you:

  • Fiction

  • Non-fiction

  • Business content

  • Marketing copy

  • Academic content

Interested? Get in touch, and mention the date that you'd like to book my services for. We can then schedule a call to finalise the day's tasks and scope in advance! 

Please note that queries should be made at least a week before the date of booking so that I can make the necessary arrangements to clear out my day for you.

Price: $150

bookings closed. check back later.


If you would like guidance and/or a personalised training skill development plan from someone experienced in the areas of writing, editing, and publishing, get in touch!

What I can help you with:

  • Understanding the nuances of English grammar

  • Thinking from a brand's perspective

  • Copywriting for print and digital media

  • Content writing

  • Marketing terminology that you'll encounter at a workplace

  • Social media marketing basics, including paid promotions, audience targeting, KPI analyses, and more

  • Fiction writing exercises and one-on-one meetings

  • Scheduling and time management

  • General advice



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