I have a total of five years of experience in editorial work, marketing, and content creation for various brands in the sectors of education, e-commerce, real estate, events, automobiles, entertainment, health & lifestyle, and FMCG.


These broadly include the skills of copy and content writing, research, marketing campaign ideation and execution, social media management, ad promotions, brand management strategy, client servicing, blurb writing, manuscript editing, and typesetting. I'm well-versed with both digital and print media.


I currently work as a senior editor at PaperTrue.


Content Writing Portfolio

Website content, blog posts, informational articles, and more

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Image by Rowan Heuvel

Maramani House Plans, website content

I revamped the content for the entire website of Maramani House Plans, ensuring that each page is SEO-optimized based on the highly searched keywords in the industry and highlighting the prime offerings and products by the business. Based on the target audience, the tone of the content was conversational but with industry knowledge and professional tips. Click to view the website.

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The Power of Pinkathon,
brand partnership article

This is an article I wrote to cover Pinkathon 2017, an event that involves women's marathons across the country to raise awareness about breast cancer. This piece was focused on VIBGYOR's partnership with Pinkathon and the highlights of the event, including quotes from fitness enthusiast and the founder of Pinkathon, Milind Soman. It has been published on the official VIBGYOR blog and shared in press releases.

Image by Carlos Muza

An Effective Dashboard UI,

technical article

This is a technical article that I wrote on a freelance basis for a leading UI/UX design company in India. It involved obtaining relevant information from various sources, optimizing the content for SEO purposes, and providing links in an unobtrusive manner to products and services. The target audience included freshers in the UI/UX design field, and the tone was to be light but professional.

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Reasons to Invest in Property,

brand article

I wrote an article on the Reasons to Invest in Property in 2018 on behalf of Amanora Park Town, which included relevant search keywords, subtle promotions of Amanora's residential buildings and apartments, and links to other sources of information for thorough optimization. The article was aimed at positioning Amanora as a leading residential township and influence the audience to become property investors/buyers instead of renters.

Image by Quentin Keller

Cafe Old Skool, descriptive content

This is a short write-up of a local cafe, describing the ambience, community, and offerings. The content was meant to be conversational and engaging, immersing the reader in the warmth of the Old Skool atmosphere.

Image by Baim Hanif

50 Years of JIPMER,

advertorial content

I wrote an account of the 50-year mark of JIPMER, an esteemed medical institute, for the advertorial section of Times of India, Pondicherry. With a journalistic approach, this article covers the history, successes, and future goals of JIPMER.

Image by Alex Perz

Reasons for HVAC Inspections,

business article

I wrote this article on a freelance basis for a US-based client's business blog. A loose outline of the key terms and points to be mentioned, and the content was to be in a direct but formal tone. I was also asked to provide alternate title options.

Image by Felipe Giacometti

Road Trips & Motorcycle Care,

brand article

I pitched a series of articles that focus on seasonal travel destinations, solo trips, and budget travels in order to plug in details about a brand's offerings in the travel and vehicle sectors. The products featured were motor oils, lubricants, cleaning items, and other materials for servicing motorcycle gear. 

Editing & Proofreading

Fiction and poetry manuscripts, non-fiction book drafts, business documents, academic papers, and more

[all the images used here are for representational purposes]

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Fiction Editing & Developmental Critique

These clients aimed to self-publish their works or send out queries to publishers/agents, and they wanted constructive criticism on every aspect of their stories. I helped address gaps in the plot, inconsistencies in the narration, and places where the characters' actions did not seem to align with their motivations as well as potential issues in the language or syntax. I provided line edits & suggestions to reduce redundancy and enhance the impact. Any critique was always combined with a review of the story's strengths and how they could be enhanced.

Image by Rod Long

Academic Editing

I was asked to fact-check and edit documents for clarity and cohesion apart from correcting any grammatical or syntactical errors. I pointed out inconsistencies in the terminology used and the overall structure as well as some arguments that required further backing. I also helped look over the references and the formatting based on the guidelines of the journal they were to submit it to.

Image by Scott Graham

Business Editing

For business documents, it's crucial that the content presented is straightforward, coherent, and devoid of any errors for a clean and professional look. I have had clients requiring their tenses to be checked, punctuation to be corrected, sentences rephrased to make them concise and easier to read, and even fact-checked. So far, I've received training manuals, website content, handout material, legal proposals, annual reports, and various other types of documents for editing. 

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Poetry Feedback &


The clients I've received for poetry editing have ranged from those merely wanting their punctuations checked to those wanting feedback on cadence, line length, structure, word choice, imagery, and more. However, poetry is such a flexible and creative form of writing that I do my level best to never make intrusive changes or suggest anything that might change the tone or meaning of the piece. Most of my suggestions are left using the Comments feature in Word; in-line edits are minimal.

Brand Marketing

Marketing strategies, ad copies, social media decks, targeted execution, and paid promotions

I wrote copy and worked on various campaigns during my time at DViO Digital, a marketing agency in Pune, India, from 2017 to 2018. I have been lucky enough to work on marketing copies, strategies, video content, print campaigns, events, and pitches for top brands, including 

VIBGYOR Group of SchoolsAmity University DubaiAmanora Park TownTEDxPuneMotulStar World IndiaGaia Good Health, and Helix Pro.

A few highlights are given below.

Image by Dakota Corbin

Mother's Day

This was a campaign conceptualised and executed for VIBGYOR schools, and it was aimed at creating a thought-provoking space for the audience to engage with the brand. I was involved in the ideation for the campaign and creatives, wrote the copy for the posts, and was responsible for ensuring their timely update on social media.


TEDxPune Event

TEDxPune is an independently organised event that brings thinkers and speakers together to share ideas. My team and I had to come up with a strategy to promote the 2017 event and generate conversation around it as well as reach a specified target for ticket sales in the months leading up to the event date. Social media posts can be found under the following content pegs: #Unravel, #UnravelIdeas, #UnravelPlaces, #UnravelDebates, & #UnravelFeelings.

Pinkathon Pune '17

We were asked to promote VIBGYOR as the knowledge partner of Pinkathon Pune '17, which involved raising awareness on the prevalence of breast cancer, healthy lifestyle habits for its prevention, and the Pinkathon women's marathon in November. I helped craft pre-event campaign posts, live marathon updates, a brand video, and post-event articles. We reached over 2,00,000 unique users through our content.

Motul Cruise Contest

We ran a campaign to drive sales and engagement around two featured motor oil products and a special offer by Motul India. The target audience was drawn into a photography contest to showcase their bikes, solo travels, and maintenance process. Using the emotional connect with the experience of travelling as well as one's bike, we provided visual triggers and  incentives  to increase conversions.


Freedom from Breakdowns

To attract attention and build up hype before a campaign, we created a short video on #FreedomFromBreakdowns for Motul India. I was involved in conceptualising the video, pre-production planning, copywriting, and execution.


World Health Day

Gaia Good Health's World Health Day campaign included a series of posts on healthy living and culminated in a video for which I did the voiceover. It received over 30K views and a high level of organic engagement on the brand's various social media pages.

Amanora Township

We created a video that showcases Amanora Park Town's facilities, residential interiors, sustainable environment, community and values to visually promote the overall Township and obtain leads under #AmazingAmanora. 

Pinkathon Event Coverage

For maximum positive impact and social engagement, our coverage for the VIBGYOR–Pinkathon partnership culminated in a video that showcases the highlights of the event and interviews with the VIBGYOR management and Milind Soman.  

Video Content

Digital Ads

I have written copy for various digital ads, optimized for the platform and target audience. These include carousel ads, newsfeed ads, responsive ads, banner ads, remarketing ads, PPC ads, Yahoo ads, GSP ads.

Lead Generation

My copywriting experience extends to various collateral types that are commonly used in lead campaigns, including landing pages, newsletters, emailers, SMS copies & more. Samples on request.

Print Media

I have come up with communication strategies and written copies for hoardings, standees, banners, posters, tent cards, newspaper ads, and other custom print collateral. Case  studies are available on request.

Social Media

My social media responsibilities have involved writing weekly hygiene decks, topical posts, campaign copies, chatbot copies, and ORM frameworks. Samples are available on request.


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